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Its time you wanna Watch deadpool movie online free The famous mercenary chatty Marvel Movie finally comes online to watch or Download the big screen as the protagonist, with the face of Ryan Reynolds. And the result is a funny movie, as well as an element of rupture in an area rather predictable as that of the superhero movie.

watch deadpool online Wade Wilson , a mercenary profession, lives happily with his beloved Vanessa until the day he discovers he has a terminal cancer. Desperate, you agree to participate in an illegal experiment that will allow him to survive. Alive but disfigured, Wade is now virtually invincible and vengeful. His attempts to track down who has ruined the existence often cause death and destruction, attracting the attention of the X-Men …

Deadpool: Ryan Reynolds sul viadotto a fianco di un camion rovesciato

Download deadpool online In the comics it is a presence more or less fixed for many years, while the movies we saw only in passing, in a version that did not convince much the fans, in X-Men – The Origins: Wolverine . Let’s talk about Wade Wilson aka Deadpool , who during his cameo succeeded in half, and not to blame the actor, had the features of Ryan Reynolds . After that first mishap, the Canadian actor had to wait to give the public the Deadpool he deserved, that is the darling of many loyal readers of Marvel : an extreme character, foul-mouthed, politically incorrect, loquacious to a fault, and – this one detail of no small importance – aware of his being a (anti) hero comics. These are characteristics that have long made ​​out in a rash of executives to 20th Century Fox , as they considered it impossible to reconcile the violent and self-ironic world of mercenary chatty with the most “for all” X-Men. It is primarily for this reason that Reynolds, also involved as a producer in order to protect the “rights” of the character, and first-time director Tim Miller have had to deal with a budget of about $ 50 million , a quarter of what is spent, on average, for a cinecomic first class. A price that the two have paid with pleasure, if only to make the film they wanted, without censorship . And so it was.

watch deadpool online Free Any fear of a possible poor adherence to component ” goal ” of the source is already disproved in the opening credits, where the traditional written about the cast and crew are telling us we are going to see ” an idiot of a movie “, produced by ” deficient “and starring” a complete idiot “(Reynolds),” a pussy “( Morena Baccarin ),” bad English “( ed skrein ) and so on, until the mention of the” Free cameo “( Stan Lee , in great shape and visibly satisfied with his experience).

Since then it has a bloody succession and jokes that do not spare anyone or anything, from continuity to say the least messy mutant franchise to acting skills of the same Reynolds, through the production expenses and various recurring features of cinecomics; including the time post-credits , which at the same time makes fun and keeps alive the tradition dell’allusione to a possible sequel. In some ways we’re dealing with a Kick-Ass raised to the tenth power, in terms of ironic reflection on the genre but loving. And speaking of love …

“This is not a superhero movie is a love story”

Deadpool: Ryan Reynolds in un'immagine tratta dal film
He laughs a lot, especially for the many quotes that maybe not everyone will be able to grasp, but Deadpool , as irreverent, is not a parody, since it must remain (minimally) anchored in the universe predetermined X-Men . And since it would not make sense to recycle one of the storylines tied to Wolverine and Co. (also because Deadpool, as it does not properly or mutant X-Man, is moving in slightly different environments), the motivations of the main character are much more “down to earth” through its report, hilarious but also moving, with the beautiful Vanessa, played with the right amount of sensuality mixed with fragility and sense of humor, an excellent Morena Baccarin, much more credible alongside Reynolds in this film that close to Ben McKenzie in Gotham . About a script bubbly and full of found (see the sex scene between Wade and Vanessa), as well as a deliberately saccharine soundtrack and this fits perfectly.

The Reynolds rematch

Having said all that, the real trump card remains the man who plays Deadpool , usually destined for greatness, or at least do their work with dignity, in general little successful films as Blade: Trinity (during the processing of which the actor He became interested in mercenary talkative) or green Lantern (brilliantly mocked not once but twice). Has a certain “face slapped” and excellent comic timing, the actor was visibly amused to give Wilson the cinematic treatment it deserved, after the humiliation of the tight-lipped in 2009. And we have fun just because of its performance that exudes passion, irony and irreverence , in measures such as to die of envy the Tony Stark of Robert Downey Jr. , should ever be a crossover.

We deadpool unlikely we will see in one of the “normal” films of the X-Men, because of its characterization and the other mutants (see the figure that makes the poor Colossus in this film). It would be a second feature instead already in the works dedicated to Mercenary, which alludes, as we have said, the brilliant sequence post-credits . Just do not you expect a cameo to Samuel L. Jackson ( ” We have no money for that! ” Says Deadpool)

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